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Posted by MangaFriend - September 20th, 2010

I'm sorry about my last post, and my arguing in the art forum.
I had a bad day, and I was easily annoyed by anything in NG :(

I didn't meant to do anything bad or anything. But really, my art isn't the best in the world...

Trying to make a new drawing style to myself, but I will draw some manga-ish eyes to my characters :)

In computer art I use GIMP 2.6.8, what is ALMOST like Photoshop, but only free.
I try to make some literature in my pictures too...

But I should forget drawing with pens and pencil for a while, but I will draw something with them, when I'm bored.
But won't submit them to NG.

Because people don't my art when it's completely made without help (of a computer).

People like computer art more, so even if I want to draw with pen, I should only show my computer art/ make my pen art complished with computer (coloring, better lining/ graphics...)

So here is one new picture of mine :] :

Sorry, everyone.

Posted by MangaFriend - September 18th, 2010

No one is interested in my art. And they call it bad anime (it's manga. And I can't draw anything else, because I can't change my crappy manga pen style! >:( ).

+ No one likes me in NG, I bet.

I suck. I can't do art, that others like, I can't write stories or poems, I can't do animations or games and I'm just a complete loser, because I can't do anything right.


Grr.... art.

Posted by MangaFriend - September 17th, 2010

Hello there again.

I've been sending some (random) art of mine. Now I just have to wait to be scouted.
I can't wait, that people are going to see my art! =D

Artist work

Posted by MangaFriend - September 17th, 2010

Hello. I'm an artist, gamer and music listener.
I hope NG is a nice place (and it really is!).
I don't think, that I'm going to post any games or movies, so maybe I'll talk on the forums, post some art, listen to some great music and play many awesome games I like!

Bye, and see you people somewhere in Newgrounds!

P.S: I have no idea why I am MangaFriend. I just put that stupid name... Now I want to be "MysteriousGreen" or "GreenApple3" =D
+ Yes, I'm a girl.

Hello there!